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Down is obtained from waterfowl such as geese and ducks. This VALUABLE RAW MATERIAL from Polish waterfowl is recognized as the best one all over the world. Down is the undercoating of waterfowl. Majority of down can be found in fowl breasts.

Down feather resembles a snowflake. Light, fluffy filaments trap high quantities of air. The weight of one down is not more than 0.001 to 0.002g. One KILOGRAMME of down corresponds to half million up to MILLION OF DOWN FEATHERS.


For many years down-filled clothes and sleeping bags have been fundamental equipment for alpinists. Formerly, they used to be specific currency exchanged for climbing equipment. Achievements of Polish Himalayan climbers in the world’s highest mountains are worth mentioning here. It is they who appreciated the unique properties of down.

Clothes for alpinists have been evolving constantly with improvement of textiles, membranes, structural and technical solutions. However, down as an INSULATOR has remained IRREPLEACABLE.


Down fill power (buoyancy) means how much of one cubic inch is taken up by one ounce of down. The higher the value the better the down.

750 CUIN means that 750 cubic inches are taken up by one ounce of down (28 grams) in the standard measuring cylinder. 750 CUIN = 12.3l.


This description means the ratio of down feathers and flight feathers (small feathers). 90/10 ratio means that a given down batch includes 90% of down feathers and 10% of feathers.

TheCLIMATE of farming and the age of fowl are the main factors determining quality of down. Long-term tradition of geese farming, specific climate as well as SCIENTIFIC AND RESEARCH BACK-UP contribute to such good parameters of Polish down.

Migration patterns of waterfowl from Africa lead to the Moravian Gate, and most of breeding grounds are located in the area of Poland. These grounds are characterized by high annual precipitation rate and numerous ponds and backwater are abounding with nourishment.

These factors have contributed directly to the development of waterfowl farming in Poland.

Goose FARMING TRADITION in Poland as well as availability of the top quality goose down has gave the Polish down an international recognition.

Down is a by-product of meat industry. Most often it is harvested from young fowl. Geese and ducks breed in Poland are the best source of down worldwide. In Poland down is produced with respect of the animal rights according to the applicable regulations of the European Union. Besides, the quality of Polish down has been confirmed by numerous certificates, e.g. OEKO-TEX certificate.


Thanks to its three-dimensional structure and unique properties down will always recover after compression. Down feather consists of about 2 million fluffy filaments which create an insulation layer. Down is extremely resilient and compressible. Besides, its outer surface is breathable.

Despite contemporary technologies available and continuous attempts no synthetic fibre can compete with down regarding such properties as THERMAL INSULATION, LIGHT WEIGHT, COMPRESSIBILITY AND COMFORT OF USE. Moreover, properly treated down maintains its properties longer than any synthetic insulation.

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